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Shenzhen LINX Technology Co., LTD. Relocation ceremony

2024-05-05    Shenzhen Linx Technology Co.,Ltd    0

Shenzhen LINX Technology Co., LTD. Relocation ceremony

Forge ahead with determination and refresh ourselves


Shenzhen Linx company was established for 15 years, such as a fleeting time, but it is enough to witness the growth and brilliance of our company, we struggle all the way, all the way harvest. Now, we have ushered in another important moment in the development of the company - housewarming.

May 5, 2024 is a good day, Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd. moved to a new location in Shenzhen Jinxiong da Science and Technology Park, and set up the company headquarters, the company's self-built Huizhou Liman sound science and Technology Park will become the main production base, in September this year will be opened as scheduled, the relocation company held a grand "forge ahead, The housewarming ceremony with the theme of "Refresh and move forward".

Moving to the new site means a new starting point, a new leap, a new working and living environment, like a new picture, which opens up a broad space for our development. Here, there is bright light, comfortable layout, every corner is full of expectations for the future. This is not only a change of address, but also a solid step towards a new height.



In this moving ceremony, friends from all walks of life have come to congratulate, Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce Research Association, Guangdong Dazhu Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Chongqing Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Internet Trade Exchange Association, the main leaders, as well as the third party, the company staff and more than two hundred people gathered together, they sent flowers for the company to move to the new site, green plants and sincere blessings, Sign in for a group photo on the first floor of the company.



At 10:20, which is also an auspicious number for the establishment of the company, the company's relocation ceremony officially began. Huang Yue, the general manager of the company, Mr. Yin Guanghua, the executive chairman of Guangdong Dazu Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Chen Shuzhen, the regional representative of Alibaba in Shenzhen, and Fu Jiahui, the chairman of Shenzhen Jiasite Management Consulting Co., Ltd. delivered important speeches for the opening of the company. He also sent warm congratulations and best wishes to the company's relocation.



Mr. Fu as the company's general manager Huang Yue's life entrepreneurial mentor, in its entrepreneurial road development guidance, has an indelible role!




On behalf of the company, General manager Huang Yue expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the guests who came to participate in the housewarming ceremony! Thanks for more than ten years of friends from all walks of life, third parties, customers, all colleagues who have fought in all lines of hard work, 15 years of precipitation and accumulation, so that we have a more solid foundation; And this housewarming will be a new starting point for us to continue to take off.



Relocation is not only a change of place, but also a change of mood, a new vitality and power. Wish the company thriving in the new environment, the staff work smoothly, happy life! On this memorable day, let's celebrate the company's housewarming. I wish you all a smooth and happy life in the new environment! The development of the company will certainly flourish, and the future road will be broader. Let's join hands to create a better tomorrow!



China has always been a land of rites, with many fine traditions, and many activities to pray for good luck and express good wishes.



On the day of the housewarming celebration, Mr. Yuan, General manager of Shenzhen Chongqing Chamber of Commerce, specially sponsored the lion dance activity, and the vibrant lion danced around the entire office and production line, which means to avoid bad luck and symbolize prosperity.


The company's main leaders Huang and Chen also performed the lion's eye ceremony, the lion dance eye, is an important ceremony in traditional Chinese culture, it not only symbolizes luck, prosperity, but also has the meaning of awakening spirituality and giving life. In the commercial opening ceremony, the lion dance eye ceremony is given a special meaning, meaning the prosperity of the enterprise or store, symbolizing a good omen, the smooth development of the project, and the money rolling in. In addition, the point also means to unite people, I hope that through this activity can let the participants unite as one!



After the celebration, the company set up a thank you lunch, the dinner was full of friends, everyone together to raise a glass and drink. On this festive day, let us all leave a good memory together. Laughter, gather at the feast! At this beautiful moment, everyone drinks and laughs. Let everyone treasure this unforgettable memory together, and pass happiness to all participants and partners, so that everyone can progress together and share the beautiful moments.



Standing at a new starting point, we will meet new challenges and create new glory with greater enthusiasm and conviction. Let us work together to write a wonderful chapter for the next 15 years in this new home! May our company flourish in the new environment, like an eagle spreading its wings and soaring into the sky!

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