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TWS Earbuds Has a Touch Screen

2024-05-22    Shenzhen Linx Technology Co.,Ltd    0

Does the TWS Earbuds Has a Touch Screen? Why don’t you tell me?


Nowadays, TWS earbuds, are not only a simple listening device, becoming an indispensable existence in our lives, but also connected with everyone's deep desire for peace and self time.


TWS earbuds are a consumable, especially for friends who use music and games. So it is particularly important to have a cost-effective TWS earbuds.

Now our company LINX has launched a new earbuds with upgraded configuration, V8 TWS earbuds. Touch screen on headphone case, are you shocked? I believe many friends should not have seen such a design.

Yes! You are right! Even TWS earbuds are playing with touch screen.

Recommended reasons are as follows:

    1.Full-color touch screen with upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 chip. It has music, answering the phone and other controls.


2.Advanced 35db noise cancellation, which can eliminate 99.44% external noise. Active noise cancellation and environmental noise cancellation double noise cancellation, switching at any time


3.Polymer titanium diaphragm, equipped with AI digital enhancement technology, presenting three times surround space audio.


4.32 hours of battery life, with ergonomic design, wearing more stable.

Although the TWS earbuds are particularly popular in recent years, there are a lot of good-looking and useful earbuds. However, the box is same, only play the role of storage and supplement battery life. The touch screen V8 earbuds, because of a touch screen, bringing us unprecedented use experience.

Don’t underestimate the this screen. It changed the operation of the earphone, and covered  all the functions that need to be operated by the APP. Let you enjoy high quality music, at the same time, adding more fun to life.

LCD full-color touch screen Bluetooth earphone, all functions can be completed with one finger. Sliding left and right can switch different control modules and ten modules can be switched. Ten modules are: music control, noise reduction control, volume adjustment, sound customization, lock screen wallpaper, squelch to help you sleep, screen brightness, flashlight function, language switching, find headphones.

After the Bluetooth pairing is successful, there is no need to go through the tedious process of unlocking the phone and opening the APP, and all the adjustment of the headphone can be completed on this screen. Such a convenient experience, there is no doubt we will love it.


If you are interested in headphones & earphone, please contact us, we will launch more different types of new models, looking forward to our cooperation.