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2017-12-12 Congratulations to Crab for cat ears headphones big order
Congratulations to Linx for cat ears headphones big order
2017-08-02 The Practice of Graduates From Universities
As a headphones salesman in Shenzhen LINX Tech's foreign trade department, not only to master t...
2017-07-15 New Arrival Test Instruments Will Make Headphone Quality Improve To a New Level
In order to improve and guarantee the quality of headphones, Shenzhen LINX equipped some new advance...
2020-08-05 Sleep headset headscarf
Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd. recommends a pajama for everyone, which is the most comfortable e...
2020-07-28 Headphone Factory 5S Management Training
In order to ensure safe production, improve and enhance corporate image, Shenzhen LINX Technology Co...
2020-07-23 Hot Selling Unicorn Headphones
Today I recommend you a cute led light up unicorn headphone, made by Shenzhen LINX Technology Co., L...
2020-01-08 New Year LINX headset factory Holiday Information
We would like to inform you that our factory will be closed from January 18th , 2020 - February 2nd ...
2019-12-28 How to use a bluetooth headset correctly
Shenzhen headphone factory tells you: the common sense that USES bluetooth headphone and a few tips
2019-12-21 High quality Earphones Moving iron headphones
The tri-band connection of the dynamic earphones is smoother and more natural, and the sound is more...
2019-12-14 Airline Headphones LX-AL03 Headband Headphones
The LX-AL03 model headphone whole headphone weighs 50 grams which is pretty light to put on our head...
2019-12-06 Headphone industry trends
True wireless TWS bluetooth headset is the fastest growing type of headset in recent years.
2019-11-30 The new headphones TF Card & Inserted in memory card bluetooth headphone
It looks like a "wireless" headset, but it can be connected to a computer via an audio cable...
2019-11-26 Welcomes A New Colleague Join the Shenzhen LINX headset factory
LINX family foreign trade department welcomes a new colleague!
2019-11-23 Welcome Three brilliant students to join LINX headphone factory
Welcome Betty, shmily and shirley Join in Linx headphone manufacturers
2019-11-16 Headset factory introduction Function and material of earphone speaker
Today Let me tell you a little bit about it Function and material of earphone speaker.
2019-11-08 LINX sleep headphones are selling like hot cakes on amazon
Introduced today is a product that is a sleep headset, a multi-function headset.
2019-11-02 The difference between the two headphones
The In-Ear monitor earphones is a return type monitor earphone, and the earphone is a pair of conver...
2019-10-25 Simple and natural bluetooth bamboo speaker
Introduced today is a mini Bluetooth speaker S10.
2019-10-16 Headphone factory LINX popular electronic products at the Hong Kong exhibition
Shenzhen Linx Technology exhibited normally. Booth No., 1B15, exhibiting time, October 11th to 14th.
2019-10-12 New product - bone conduction bluetooth headset
Here we introduced below one of our new items, one amazing headphone, Bluetooth bone conduction head...

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