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What kind of TWS earbuds you are wearing but feel like you’re not wearing?

2024-04-20    Shenzhen Linx Technology Co.,Ltd    0

What kind of TWS earbuds you are wearing but feel like you’re not wearing?

TWS earbuds have become a daily necessity for most people. However, many people will find a problem after wearing for a long time: most of the traditional TWS earbuds are in-ear or semi-in-ear, which will be stuffy and have cochlear pain for a long time, and is really uncomfortable...


What can I do? TWS earbuds are also many problems. People like me, who feel uncomfortable going out without headphones, even don't have good TWS earbuds. That is unreasonable.


Don't worry, good TWS earbuds are coming. Our company LINX has launched a new TWS earbuds, which has excellent sound quality, long-wearing no pain, and easy to use!



 Air-conducting earphone. That is a kind of earphone that transmits sound through air vibration, uses beam-forming technology for directional transmission, and opens the binaural design mode to deliver audio to the ear.


Unlike bone-conduction earphones, air-conduction earphones use the air conduction principle of sound mode does not cause vibration. Therefore, after a long time usage, the ear doesn’t pain.


If you want to have a earphone that is comfortable to wear, doesn’t hurt your ears, and cost-effective . Undoubtedly, it is the right choice.