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Wireless Earbuds Speaker

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Product Description

1. Hall boot

2. Three generations of similar headphones

3. Two are BT name independent connection

4. Full inspection appearance RF audio manual retest

5. Cradle rechargeable battery with protective plate

6. Headphone PCBA with lithium protection

7. Audio + TWS combo, less competing products

8. Headphones can be equipped with 7006 dual noise reduction models

9. Dock charger type-c

Product Name New Design B40 Mini Speaker 2 in 1 TWS BT 5.1 Headphones HIFI Sound Quality Outdoor Portable Mini Band Wireless Earbuds Speaker
Speaker diameter Composite film/diameter 40 mm 4R/3W Bass diaphragm: 30*40 mm
Power amplifier specifications 3W*1
Distortion rate <3%
BT version 5.1
BT transmission distance 15M
BT frequency response 2402MHz~2480MHz
BT chip Jerry AD6973 
Channel mode dual channel
Signal to noise ratio ≧75dB
Battery 3.7V/33mAh for earbuds, 800 mAh for charging case
Music time 4-5 hours
Talk time 4-5 hours
Charging time 2 hours