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2019-01-11 Headphone factory Wish Your Dream Come True
Our new Bluetooth sleep headphones is soft and comfortable.
2019-01-07 “Business School on the Sea” Project is about to Set Sail
With the supporting of 52 venture capital institutions,the first ”Business School on the Sea” is a...
2019-01-04 Share and Fly Together for 2019
SHENZHEN CBEC SEMINAR BOARD ushered in the fourth New Year, in this grand and sacred moment...
2019-01-02 Cat Headphones Original Factory Latest Unicorn Headphones
Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the earphone production industry for ten year...
2018-12-30 Happy New Year
All of us would like to wish you have a happy holiday, your career greater success and your family h...
2018-12-26 Warmly Welcome Austrian Client to Visit Linx
Headphone factory ​Shenzhen Linx Tech welcomed a long awaited old client from Austria, who is also ...
2018-12-18 Online factory audit + Patented Panda & cat headphones under production
Alibaba & SGS helped Shenzhen Linx Technology CO., LTD. to make a full factory audit and shooting ph...
2018-12-13 Headphone factory Wireless Cat Ears Headphone
Mobile phones and earphones have become a necessity in our lives. How many people feel that they wil...
2018-12-10 LINX-The Popularity of Our Headphones
Wherever you are from, you can see the kids are enjoying the headphones, which are from LINX.
2018-12-07 Shenzhen headphone manufacturer participated in Joint Fire Drill
In order to strength the fire awareness of employees, related chargers held a large fire drill in Xi...
2018-12-03 LINX Headphone factory in busy production
Near the end of the year, Linx Headphone factory workshop is very busy in production, office colleag...
2018-11-29 Winter Applicable headphones
Let music warm you this whole winter, no longer cold
2018-11-27 The solution when metal earphone hurt the ear
LINX Teach you how to solve the problem that metallic earphone gets hurt ear
2018-11-24 Headphone factory warmly welcomes Brazilian customers
an important customer from South America, Alcy, visited the headphone factory of Shenzhen Linx Techn...
2018-11-22 There are actually four types of headphones
With the speeding of the pace of life, more and more people like to use music to regulate themselves
2018-11-20 Fairy Team on behalf of LINX Participated in The First Sports Meeting of The Trade Union
On November 17, LINX Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the first fun games of the “Trade Union C...
2018-11-16 There four main headphone options to see which one suits you better
With the speeding of the pace of life, more and more people like to use music to regulate themselves...
2018-11-09 Welcome Malaysian Customers to Visit Our Factory
Customer from Malaysia, together with another client from Japan paid a visit to Shenzhen Linx Tech C...
2018-11-07 About the Headphones,What Do People Around You Think
With the continuous evolution of smart devices, headphones have become an indispensable part of peop...
2018-10-31 LINX Welcomes the visit of Zhejiang Alibaba Business Unit
Let's have a look at LINX's new "diplomatic" strategy.

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