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2019-05-08 Headphone Factory tell you Attentions of Headset Selection and Usage
Do you know how to select a suitable headphones/earphone and wear it in a right way?
2019-05-03 China Headphones Company Held Birthday Party for Employees
In the evening of 30th April, 2019, Shenzhen Linx Technology Co.,Ltd held a warm birthday party for ...
2019-04-30 Headphone Speaker Common Sense
The most important unit of the headset is its speaker, which is generally divided into moving coil a...
2019-04-24 Do you know Headphones style or price which is more important?
Headphones on the market have their own characteristics, we have to choose the right, the price shou...
2019-04-18 Celebration to China headphone factory Big Success at HK Fair
See you again in the October HK Fair!
2019-04-17 LINX headphone factory explain Bluetooth technology and headphones the development
Bluetooth technology was originally developed by Ericsson in 1994. It is a method to research low-po...
2019-04-10 Linx HK Consumer Electronics Fair on April 11th-14th
Linx During the 11th-14th days the HK Consumer Electronics Fai, Welcome new and old customers to vis...
2019-04-08 Headphone factory to explanation of noise reduction function
In recent years, with the development of people's living standards, the market demand for noise...
2019-04-01 Headphone Factory Shenzhen Linx---Corporate Culture Ceremony
Recently, Ms. Alenda, a senior foreign trade business with 8 years of foreign trade experience, join...
2019-03-29 Shenzhen Headphone Factory New Colleagues Meet-and-Greet
Three energetic and ideal new colleagues joined the family of LINX.
2019-03-22 Headphone factory private model patent Unicorn Headphone
I would like to recommend to you our latest unicorn headphones, prototype from the ancient myths and...
2019-03-19 Teachers and students of shenzhen hongling middle school visited learned from LINX technology
17th March afternoon, teachers and students from Shenzhen Hongling Middle School visited and studied...
2019-03-14 LINX headphone factory Apprentice Meeting
The teacher conference is one of the corporate cultures of our company - LINX. Every new colleague w...
2019-03-05 Headphone manufacturer launches new cartoon headphones
In order to meet the requirements of more customers, expand the product line. Shenzhen Linx Technolo...
2019-02-27 How to choose good TWS true wireless bluetooth earbuds?
How to choose good TWS true wireless bluetooth earphones?
2019-02-22 Popularizing cat ear headphones
Today, introduced you new headphones and which has inherited a tradition.
2019-02-19 LINX headphone -a symbol of kids headphone
a good choice of festival children gift--Cat ear headphones
2019-02-15 Call center headsets produced by Linx
Call center headset is a headset with microphone, can talk and can connect to PC computer or laptop....
2019-01-28 New Bluetooth V5.0 IPX8 Waterproof 3000mAh charge case TWS earbuds
We introduce LINX new Bluetooth V5.0 IPX8 waterproof large-capacity charging box, true wireless TWS ...
2019-01-18 “Thank You For Building The Future Together”10th Anniversary Celebration Came To An End
On Jan. 15th 2019, Shenzhen Linx had held the 10th anniversary celebration activity in Guanlan Shans...

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