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2018-11-07 About the Headphones,What Do People Around You Think
With the continuous evolution of smart devices, headphones have become an indispensable part of peop...
2018-10-29 Bluetooth sleeping headband
It also made sleep more comfortable with music, and gave birth to a "eye mask that can be said to si...
2018-09-25 Three headphones are recommended today
Three headphones are recommended today
2018-09-20 Linx teaches you how to buy headphones
Many users need to buy headsets but do not know how to choose them.
2018-09-19 The World New Style
The surface treatment technology of headphones is increasingly diversified, from surface spray paint...
2018-09-13 The reason for the headphone with noise and sound quality not good
For noise, sound quality and other related issues, if you have encountered, please try to solve from...
2018-09-11 Cute sleep headphones and bluetooth wireless sleep headphones from LINX factory
Linx, 10 years headphone manufacturer, produce cute sleep headphones and bluetooth wireless sleep he...
2018-09-10 Amazon's new police about FBA
As we all know, Amazon's closing costs are very expensive, so Amazon sellers are Find ways to s...
2018-08-29 Handfree True Wireless tws Earbuds Headset :TWS9100
The procurement festival is coming in September, and the headset industry in consumer electronics, L...
2018-08-23 Cat ears popularizing copywriter
We have something to say about cat ear headphones...
2018-08-20 The most TOP5 cost-effective headphones
Headphones in the hearts of music enthusiasts is irreplaceable, today here recommend several cost-ef...
2018-08-17 LX-275 Over Ear Headphone With Big Ears For Logo
A new earphone is introduced today
2018-08-14 How to choose the connector jack when you buy headphone/earphone ?
linx teach you how to choose the connector jack
2018-08-10 The solution for earphone without sound
Headphones playing music no sound? LINX tells you how to fix it!
2018-08-09 LINX headset factory introduces sport Bluetooth headset BH-15
An earphone popular with customers at home and abroad
2018-08-02 Custom Tin Can Shape Wireless Speaker
Give everyone introduce a Custom Tin Can Shape Wireless Speaker
2018-08-01 Bluetooth headset introduction
What are the features of different types of bluetooth headsets?
2018-07-31 The charging time longer or can't charge when not use original cable of the headphone.
The problem we offen encountered in life
2018-07-30 How to clean your headphones
Is there any way to get these dirty headphones clean?
2018-07-17 Hot Sale Business Bluetooth Headset with Separate Microphone
This business bluetooth headset is popular in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania

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