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2018-08-23 Cat ears popularizing copywriter
We have something to say about cat ear headphones...
2018-08-20 The most TOP5 cost-effective headphones
Headphones in the hearts of music enthusiasts is irreplaceable, today here recommend several cost-ef...
2018-08-17 LX-275 Over Ear Headphone With Big Ears For Logo
A new earphone is introduced today
2018-08-14 How to choose the connector jack when you buy headphone/earphone ?
linx teach you how to choose the connector jack
2018-08-10 The solution for earphone without sound
Headphones playing music no sound? LINX tells you how to fix it!
2018-08-09 LINX headset factory introduces sport Bluetooth headset BH-15
An earphone popular with customers at home and abroad
2018-08-02 Custom Tin Can Shape Wireless Speaker
Give everyone introduce a Custom Tin Can Shape Wireless Speaker
2018-08-01 Bluetooth headset introduction
What are the features of different types of bluetooth headsets?
2018-07-31 The charging time longer or can't charge when not use original cable of the headphone.
The problem we offen encountered in life
2018-07-30 How to clean your headphones
Is there any way to get these dirty headphones clean?
2018-07-17 Hot Sale Business Bluetooth Headset with Separate Microphone
This business bluetooth headset is popular in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania
2018-07-11 TWS Earphones
Recently, TWS earphones are very popular. However, what’s TWS and what kind of features does it hav...
2018-06-26 An ear-hook sports headset is popular by consumers
headset that our company has always produced, model number: EH020.
2018-06-20 Bone conduction headset
Today introduce everyone an amazing headset---Bone conduction headset.
2018-06-14 How to extend the life of a headset
Nowadays, more and more people love to wear a headset to ensure that their private life will not be ...
2018-06-13 Professional term of headphone
Linx-A professional earphone manufacturer
2018-06-11 The fashion CD style wired headband headphone
introduce a the fashion CD style wired headband headphone
2018-05-25 The differences between Active Noise Canceling(ANC) headphones and Passive Noise Canceling headphone
Learn about noise-cancelling headphones
2018-05-22 Imporve cat ear headphone
Introduce a light-emitting headset.
2018-05-10 How does the wood type affect the headphone sound?
Do you know anything about wooden headphones?

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