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2019-02-19 LINX headphone -a symbol of kids headphone
a good choice of festival children gift--Cat ear headphones
2019-02-15 Call center headsets produced by Linx
Call center headset is a headset with microphone, can talk and can connect to PC computer or laptop....
2019-01-28 New Bluetooth V5.0 IPX8 Waterproof 3000mAh charge case TWS earbuds
We introduce LINX new Bluetooth V5.0 IPX8 waterproof large-capacity charging box, true wireless TWS ...
2019-01-11 Headphone factory Wish Your Dream Come True
Our new Bluetooth sleep headphones is soft and comfortable.
2019-01-02 Cat Headphones Original Factory Latest Unicorn Headphones
Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the earphone production industry for ten year...
2018-12-13 Headphone factory Wireless Cat Ears Headphone
Mobile phones and earphones have become a necessity in our lives. How many people feel that they wil...
2018-12-10 LINX-The Popularity of Our Headphones
Wherever you are from, you can see the kids are enjoying the headphones, which are from LINX.
2018-11-29 Winter Applicable headphones
Let music warm you this whole winter, no longer cold
2018-11-27 The solution when metal earphone hurt the ear
LINX Teach you how to solve the problem that metallic earphone gets hurt ear
2018-11-22 There are actually four types of headphones
With the speeding of the pace of life, more and more people like to use music to regulate themselves
2018-11-16 There four main headphone options to see which one suits you better
With the speeding of the pace of life, more and more people like to use music to regulate themselves...
2018-11-07 About the Headphones,What Do People Around You Think
With the continuous evolution of smart devices, headphones have become an indispensable part of peop...
2018-10-29 Bluetooth sleeping headband
It also made sleep more comfortable with music, and gave birth to a "eye mask that can be said to si...
2018-09-25 Three headphones are recommended today
Three headphones are recommended today
2018-09-20 Linx teaches you how to buy headphones
Many users need to buy headsets but do not know how to choose them.
2018-09-19 The World New Style
The surface treatment technology of headphones is increasingly diversified, from surface spray paint...
2018-09-13 The reason for the headphone with noise and sound quality not good
For noise, sound quality and other related issues, if you have encountered, please try to solve from...
2018-09-11 Cute sleep headphones and bluetooth wireless sleep headphones from LINX factory
Linx, 10 years headphone manufacturer, produce cute sleep headphones and bluetooth wireless sleep he...
2018-09-10 Amazon's new police about FBA
As we all know, Amazon's closing costs are very expensive, so Amazon sellers are Find ways to s...
2018-08-29 Handfree True Wireless tws Earbuds Headset :TWS9100
The procurement festival is coming in September, and the headset industry in consumer electronics, L...

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