2018-05-30 BV. Factory Audited
Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd. Got Factory audit Certificate by BV.
2018-04-24 Linx recreational facilities make staff’s life more interesting
Linx recreational facilities make staff’s life more interesting.
2018-04-03 Wolf Nature Culture in Shenzhen LINX Tech
inx is a mid-sized headphone company in rapidly growth and will be a leader in the industry in the n...
2018-04-02 The Importance Of Appearance Design Patents
In the face of such bad situation, our company has applied for the product design appearance patent ...
2018-03-30 LINX Headphone Factory Earns a Temporary Victory in Patent Rights
Recently, LINX has organized a team to protect our clients, search for similar headphones in mainlan...
2018-03-22 Headphone manufacturer Successfully Obtained the US Patent of Axent Wear Cat Headphones
After a year and a half waiting, Shenzhen LINX Technology Co. ltd. successfully obtained the US desi...
2018-01-23 Linx Technology-New Year Celebration Party was held on 18th-January
Linx Technology-New Year Celebration Party was held on 18th-January.
2017-12-14 Linx to be NO. 1
Linx will be NO. 1
2017-12-12 Congratulations to Crab for cat ears headphones big order
Congratulations to Linx for cat ears headphones big order
2017-10-16 New Model Button Battery Type Bear Ears Headphones
Our bear ear earphone sales momentum is good, foreign customers and domestic e-commerce customers or...
2017-10-05 Dinner Party of Shenzhen LINX Technology Co.,Ltd
With the careful preparation and joint efforts of employees of the company, the celebration of Nati...
2017-09-25 Newsletter of "Celebrating mid-autumn festival and national day"
2017-09-23 The Sharing Session of University- Enterprise Cooperation Achievement
Until September 22nd, two months have passed away. In the afternoon, professor Xiang arrived at Shen...
2017-09-20 Talents Continued to Join The Mobile Phone Headset Factory
Yesterday, a experienced and outstanding salesman joined our team after considerating kinds of compr...
2017-09-14 National Day Holiday & Mid Autumn Festival, Celebrating Together
Today, all the office staff of headphone company held the first meeting about the National Day & Mid...
2017-09-13 Foreign Clients Visit Headset Factory
Two foreign clients from Sweden came to visit Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd, which is a professi...
2017-09-12 The Ecuador Customer Visited Our Headphone Factory
Recently, customers came from Ecuador visited Shenzhen LINX Technology's headphone factory.
2017-09-06 LINX Family Birthday Party
In order to enrich the lives of employees, improve the sense of belonging and sense of identity to o...
2017-09-01 Cat Ears Headsets Bear Ears Headsets Have Passed the Reach California Proposition 65 FCC Tests
According to foreign and domestic customers’ requests , and complying with our products themselves ...
2017-08-29 Enterprise Culture Wall: Set Sail for Your Dreams
Recently, there are some culture walls established in headphone company--Shenzhen LINX Tech.

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