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2018-10-30 Persistence is a kind of perseverance in life
The ancients said: "Make your whole year's plans in spring, and your day's plan early in t...
2018-10-25 The Popular Headphones in Hongkong Show
As a professional headset manufacturer established for 10 years, there are many styles of headphones...
2018-10-17 Linx take part in Global Sources Consumer Elecronics Fair in Hong Kong
In this fair, we show our lastest R&D product
2018-10-10 Linx HK Consumer Electronics Fair on October 11th-14th
This month is the special month of our company's 10th anniversary, which is a double happy even...
2018-09-27 LINX 10th anniversary,Big Promotion for Headphones
Promotion time: from now on until 20th Oct, 2018.
2018-09-04 Headphones Manufacturer Passed WCA Audit Successfully
The WCA audit is a social responsibility (also called a human rights audit). The WCA audit standard ...
2018-08-24 Labour union serves for employees benefit
Shenzhen Labour union serves for employees benefit
2018-08-15 The learning atmosphere of Linx
Because every one of us loves to learn. The learning atmosphere of Linx is getting stronger and stro...
2018-08-13 Mobile phone headset manufacturer Shenzhen LINX Tech safety production special training
Mobile phone headset manufacturer safety production special training
2018-08-08 LINX Headphone Factory Launches New Colorful Fox Ears Glowing Headphones
New colored fox ears glow headsets waiting for you !
2018-08-06 Strengthen safety education and achieve universal health
August 3 Linx held safety training
2018-07-26 Staff welfare-Year-end bonus
Linx-Staff bonus
2018-07-23 Welcome Catherine, Matthew and Jimmy Join in Linx
Welcome three talented students to join us——Linx
2018-07-21 Welcome A beautiful customer from Russia
Nataliya,a beautiful customer from Russia
2018-07-20 Teams weekend swimming
An interesting team activity
2018-07-09 Welcome Finnish Customers Visited Headphone Factory of Shenzhen LINX Tech
Mr. Gustaf, a client from Finland, came from Finland to visit the company's headphone factory
2018-07-03 In-ear earphone wearing method
3 ways to wear headphones
2018-06-28 Employee training is our company culture
A training session full of knowledge
2018-06-15 Happy Dragon Boat Festival
The 5th, May of lunar calendar is a traditional folk festival in China - the Dragon Boat Festival. I...
2018-06-04 The importance knowledge of cargo transportation
Shunyunfeng logistics company comes to our company for cargo transportation knowledge training

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