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What Should We Focus on of Buying a Wired Game headset?

Gaming headset is a game peripheral products designed for game players. A pair of gaming headset with superior performance can provide game players with an immersive gaming experience. However, what should we focus on when we are buying a wired game headset?


Sound Channel

FPS game (first-person shooter game) players have a high demand for listening to sound, so it is recommended to give priority to 7.1 channel gaming headphones.

Headphones sound track

Driving Unit

Currently on the market game headset using the headset unit is generally about 40mm-60mm, the larger the sound unit, the better the listening effect present.actuating device


Headset weight

For game players who constantly spend over two hours on playing games, a lightweight headset is particularly important a more comfortable wearing experience.



When it comes to wearing comfort, the design of the headband and the material of the ear cups play an important role in it. It is recommended to buy headphones with ergonomically designed headband and memory foam to help better adapt to the head shape and fit the ears.


Equipment Configuration - Headset Interface Type

At present, the interface type of wired gaming headset is mainly divided into the 3.5mm interface often used by headsets equipped with a detached microphone, and the USB interface used by headsets using a sound and light integrated built-in sound card. Considering a wider range of adaptation of the equipment, it is more recommended to equip a variety of interfaces for gaming headsets.

headphone jack

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