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What is the difference between noise-cancelling and non-noise-cancelling headphones

1. Different needs

Ordinary headphones are more to meet people's needs for listening, while noise-cancelling headphones are more to help people stay away from noise.

2. The principle is different

Noise-cancelling headphones do not require additional volume to cancel out ambient noise.

Passive noise reduction technology mainly isolates the external environment by surrounding the ear to form a closed space, or uses sound insulation materials such as silicone earplugs to block external noise. This sound insulation effect is achieved entirely by physical structure, and the cost is generally relatively low.

3. Different security

Noise-cancelling headphones avoid the impact damage to the eardrum caused by long-term high volume, thus effectively protecting hearing. Passive noise reduction technology is good for high frequency signal isolation, but not good for medium and low frequency noise. Most of the noise in life is in the middle and low frequency bands, so the passive noise reduction effect is very limited.

Active noise cancelling headphones are more external sound waves to simulate a reverse sound wave frequency offset.

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