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What are details and characteristics of linx headphone?

Many people may ask: as a professional headphone manufacturer, can you tell me the details and characteristics of your headphones? Of course the answer is yes.

As the skilled staffs from professional headphone and earphone manufacturer, we can speak these details and features out fluently.

linx headphones

Details of headphone with headphone

A.Headphone for mp3 player with self-adjusting headband for optimum fit and comfortable wearing.
B. Latest fashionable style will be more favorable.
C. It is an appliance for enjoying your music from mp3 player.
D. Various colors meet the needs of individual customers taste.

Characteristics of headphone

A. Vogue slim design, lightweight and comfortable.
B. Dual stereo track, Ideal choice for listening music with iPod and MP3 players and so on!
C. Suitable for iPod all types and iPhone all types, MP3/MP4 players etc.
D. Spacious and clear sound with deep and enhanced bass for enjoying music.
E. Popular model with adjustable headband.
F. Closed back design keeps the sound from disturbing your neighbors.

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