Welcome Finnish Customers Visited Headphone Factory of Shenzhen LINX Tech

Mr. Gustaf, a customer from Finland, learned that Shenzhen Linx Technology is a strong headset factory, and has been producing bone conduction headphones. Specially came from Finland to visit the factory. Mr. Gustaf recently considered that use bone conduction headphones as a prototype to customize a headset for the medical field.


On the afternoon of Friday, July 6, 2018, Mr. Wang, a colleague of Mr. Gustaf's office in Shanghai accompanied Mr. Gustaf to Shenzhen LINX Tech, The responsible for the reception was Zeron and Frank of Foreign Trade department.

 Photo of Finnish customers

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, recently had a hot weather, and the two sweaty people entered the comfortable company, expressing their appreciation for the company's new office. Mr. Zeron first showed Li Linx Technology's corporate videos to two customers who came from afar to give them a deeper understanding of our company.


After that, Mr. Zeron took out a prepared bone conduction earphone sample LX-B16, a high-quality fashion bone conduction earphone, using CSR8645, 4.1 version of the chip, the battery reaches 180mAh, the working time can reach about 6 hours. And the use of silica gel, memory materials, the overall workmanship is simple and generous, soft and tough.

 Bone conduction headset-2018

Mr. Gustaf is very satisfied with the quality and workmanship of this bone conduction headset , and has stated his requirements for the product. Refer to this headset to redesign a product that suits him. The customer visited the entire factory and felt that Shenzhen Linx Technology is fully capable of completing one-stop service from product design, mold, injection and production. Mr. Frank speaks English very well, communicates with clients all the time, and draws sketches for customers to confirm. The customer expressed satisfaction, as long as we provide the right solution, will come back and negotiate a further cooperation.

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