Welcome A beautiful customer from Russia

On the morning of July,20,2018,Nataliya,a beautiful customer from Russia, visited our earphone factory personally. And she was received by the general manerger of our company,Mr Huang , and the assitant accomanied him too. Firstly ,Mr Huang led Nataliya to visit our office ,sample room to understand  our company 's development and corporate culture. And then,they visited  the entertainment and leisure library. Finally, they went to the production workshop, injection molding workshop.Mr Huang and Nataliya had been communicating pleasantly during the time,and Nataliya had been nodding to praise our earphone factory, it shows that she was satified with our company.

 beautiful customer

When the noon was coming, Mr Huang personally accompanied Nataliya to the restaurant, and they ordered authentic dishes and she thought highly of our Chinese cuisine.


In the afternoon, In order to let Nataliya know our company deepr, we played a corparate video of Li Linxin  Technology for the beautiful lady who came from afar.  In the process of watching the video, we prepared some fruit ,snacks and bread for her in case of she was being hungry. When they was visiting the sample room, the assitant showed Nataliya several kinds of  popular earphone, introducing her a detailed function and features of the headphones. Nataliya was so into some of our patented products and she decieded to order several samples immediately,and then they had a negotiation about the details.

 Nataliya and Mr Huang had been discusing and ended this 'journey 'until 8:00pm. And then Mr Huang drived her to the hotel personally.

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