Visit Record of Customers from India and Columbia on December 21, 2016

May 21st, 2016,  the 2nd Foreign Trade DPT of Shenzhen Linx Technology Co.,Ltd received batch of foreign guests.

Two Indian customers who wanted to buy bluetooth earphone and headphone told Mr Jason, the sales man of the 2nd Foreign Trade DPT that they wanted to visi our factory on December 21. Jason had been following up the customer for more than one month, quotation and samples were accepted, this time just come for visiting factory and negotiating cooperation. In the beginning, the customer informed he would come at 11am, but finally arrived at 4pm after repeated communication and guidance.At the same time the Manager of the 2nd Foreign Trade DPT, Ms Cheri also had another Columbia guest which already followed up for 4 months said that he would come to see the factory at 11-12am on December 21, finally reached at 5pm.

bluetooth earphone and headphone

After two hours of completely introducting, items selecting and function comparing, Jason's India guests decided to buy 6pcs bluetooth headset samples. Columbia guest was going to buy aviation earphone, he wanted to make special color of LX-AL01 with blue and red tails which is the hotest selling earphone in the world currently. Considering the customer has been working for two years in Guangzhou and has the clear target price, Cheri also recommended a similiar new item whithout tail, price is more competitive, the customer was very interested in it. Finally the customer asked if we could accept a special payment term and other export details. Cheri said that she need comfirm with the Financial DPT and the boss.

In the end of the talking with the two countries customers, we found that workers had been off working, but they still went to the workshop. When they saw neat workshop, several different headphones and earphones on the production lines and variety of professional equipments, they told us they were quite satisfied with our factory.

About 7pm, after took photos together, our company arranged car to send Columbia customer to Qinghu Metro Station, and Indian customer took their own car got back to Guangzhou.

Hope everything goes smoothly, waiting for the good news!

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