USB Headphone Patent Certificate---LX-USB02

Shenzhen Linx Technology Co. Ltd, a professional earphone and headphone manufacturer for nearly 10 years, received its Certificate of Design Patent for the headphone LX-USB02 on 2nd Sep.2015. It is issued by China's State Intellectual Property Office.

usb headphone with mic lx-usb02

With USB plug, LX-USB02 is a multi-media computer headphone. It’s very convenient in use with the moving microphone and USB adapter in the cable. The users don’t need to hold the microphone when they speaking and they can easily adjust the sound volume by pressing the buttons on the USB adapter.

The headphones in the cybercafe are a black. However, this headphone as a gaming headphone is quite a novelty. It have a steal headband and with a soft blue cushion, which make the headphone look slap-up and make it comfortable to wear. Besides, the silver part in the headphone shell and blue part in the middle are corresponded with the headband and the cushion respectively. What’s more, with a good speaker, LX-USB02 allows the users to enjoy the sound very well.usb headphone patent certificate lx-usb02

Name of appearance design : Headphone (USB)
Designer: Yue Huang
Patent No. : ZL 2015 3 0106529.7
Date of applying for the patent: 21st Apr. 2015
Legal holder of the patent:: Yue Huang
Date of authorized proclamation: 19th Aug. 2015

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