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True wireless Bluetooth headset knowledge popularization

Real wireless Bluetooth earphones are more and more popular.Whether it is white users or experienced earphone users,many of them may be at a loss when they really choose and buy,and do not know how to start.

A lot of good quality,big headphone prices are not cheap,in the purchase of time may often fall into the choice difficulty disease,in order to make our purchase of headphones more convenient,today to learn a little Bluetooth headphone knowledge.

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One.the sound quality

Sound quality is almost the most important feature of headphones.If the sound quality is not good,all is lost.

Sound quality is a very subjective selection criteria,and it is difficult to identify the quality of the details of sound quality.

The principle of earphones has been analyzed above,and the sound quality mainly depends on the tuning ability of manufacturers,cavity design and other complex factors.For us ordinary people,the best way is to choose the public trustworthy brand,watch the word of mouth,and then actually listen to the experience,after all,everyones perception of sound is different.

Second.analytical power

Analytical power - The ability of the earpiece to represent sound in detail.

The higher the analytical power,the more realistic the details of these sounds will be,with a sense of soundin its environment,but not too high to prevent distor tion.

Three.sound field sense

The so-called sound field sense,just like we watch a concert,can really feel the layers of the distance between the individual and the singer.

TWS,Bluetooth Headset,Wireless Headset,Olyre

Four.noise reduction ability

The noise reduction capability of earphone refers to the ability of earphone to reduce external noise.

At present,the noise reduction functions of Bluetooth headset are passive and active.

Passive noise reduction is actually physical noise reduction.

Active noise cancelling works by producing the opposite audio in the headset based on external noise.

Five.low delay

If everyone played king glory,a scenario might not be too strange,is the grass inside someone and no one,or someone came to light footsteps,the difference between these sounds are very mild,need headphones as low as possible delayed,prepare the games anticipation ahead of schedule,so when this is the need to choose a low latency of the headphones as soon as possible.In addition,when watching high-quality movies,audio and picture synchronization also requires headphones with extremely low latency.

TWS,Bluetooth Headset,Wireless Headset,Olyre

The TWS10 wireless Bluetooth headset comes in a variety of colors that can be customized.It also has a convenient battery display that allows you to spot and charge your headphones when they run out of juice,so you dont have to worry about leaving and forgetting to charge your headphones.At present,this product only has a small amount of purple spot supply,need other colors can be customized after sample first! Support domestic and foreign wholesale,welcome to buy!

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