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Tips for Cleaning Earphones

Do you ever realize that the earphone needs to be cleaned? The bacterium grow and become prosperous in use day by day, which may bring disease to the people who wear them. However, the incorrect way of cleaning may probably damage or even scrap the earphone.

Here are some tips for cleaning:

Tools: Earphone; Toothpaste; towel


1. Use wet towel to wipe the wire gently

Tips for Cleaning Earphones

2. Put some toothpaste on the finger and spread on the wire. Rob slightly for 2-3 times.

3. Use the wet towel to clean the wire and do it again with a tissue. And then you will find that the wire becomes whiter.


1. High-end earphones is not suitable for this method

2. Don’t use too much toothpaste and don’t wash it too frequently, for it might damage the wire.

3. Pls wipe the sweat after use in summer, for it will corrode earphones.

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