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The story of headphones

CUZ too often, so neglected.Headset is such a product.Now in the life, everywhere you can see the figure of headphones, at home and outside, in the sports leisure, and a variety of the hearing test, etc., all involve headphones.Headphones from invention to now, also with the unceasing development of progress of science and technology, brought much convenience to human beings.headphones

Beyer, the father of inventions in the world the first headsets.

That day, Mr Beyer, invited a group of friends to his private "studio", and play the classic "Aida" record.Friends found phonograph not unlike the usual, configure speaker, but connet with an amplifier and two unobtrusive semicircle metal ear cover, what is more surprising is the ear flaps from the sound quality is very good, phone call are no noise, also do not have low tightness of copper drum or haw acoustic strings.Mr Beyer were playing real music!Since the invention of recording equipment, "Aida" performance was the most wonderful time.

After this epoch-making days , lot of the world's music lovers become namely beyerdynamic headphones loyal users

In 1950, a public show of Bremen in Germany, Mr Beyer, demonstrates the first HiFi stereo headset in the world - DT48S, HiFi stereo headphones have accumulated 13 years of exploration and practice experience .Today, the upgrade of the DT48 is still in hot selling, it contribute to professional radio, audio and video studio and its landmark contribution has go down in history

Headphones benefit to mankind

Now we can use headphones to enjoy HIFI music and it is very convenient.

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