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The Publish of FIIL Headphone

The famous rock musician Wang Feng, as the founding chairman and the leader of an excellent team, officially released a headphone brand and launched three products in one fell swoop on Tuesday night: a headband noise-canceling FIIL headphone with the price of RMB 1099; a wireless headband noise-canceling HIFI headphone (RMB 1599), and a FIIL Bestie headphone (RMB 599).

FIIL headphone

FIIL takes one-piece frame design, and its headband is covered by Aerospace aluminum. Taking use of the Protein filaments, the earmuff has three colors: the silver streamer, the specter red, and the sky blue. Besides, there are breathing light of logo outside of the headphone shell.

FIIL headphone is equipped with a 570mAh high-capacity lithium battery, which allows the headphone to sustain for 50 hours. What’s more, FIIL headphone also has the function of actively reducing the noise (ANC). It can eliminate 85% of the noise outside. In the high-speed rail, airplane and other noisy environments, FIIL headphone can be simply used as the noise-preventing facility.