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The newest professional headset burning method and some burning mistakes

The new headset for the first time do not open the large volume, or would headset irreparable damage diaphragm fold ring. The proper use of the new volume of the headphones should be maintained at 60% or less than 30%. Dear user! For you to better use the product and experience.

About burn:

Burn, in fact, make a fast and stable measures equipment aging. Some components such as transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors when the electrical parameters of the new instability, after a period of use in order to gradually stabilize. For headphones, burn off is actually in the pot diaphragm ring, new headphone diaphragm surround machinery compliant poor, resulting in distortion is relatively large, after a period of time, compliant becomes better, the distortion will be gradually reduced to normal level.

The new headphone unit off due diaphragm contractions more closely, more closely in the diaphragm fold ring, the sound of the new headset will obviously feel (dry, cold, hard), high-frequency glitches, low-frequency band loose without agglomeration There are obviously a back-to-noise. But after a period of time will burn diaphragm surround sound and air under pressure surges, contractility will become elastic diaphragm will surround it, due to the elastic diaphragm surround and changed for the better, brought The direct effect is to sound richer detail, smoother sound excessive, and the human voice more mellow, and the high-frequency glitches will be significantly reduced, or directly to the burr-state, low frequency would obviously a lot of convergence, more bombs and become sexy a sense of cohesion. lower back noise and improve low-frequency purity. These are the sounds through headphones markedly improved after the burn.

After burn in changing the sound is like a bottle of wine and fermented incomplete bottle of vintage wine, wine after a long brewing and fermentation, "taste" naturally smooth a lot.
headset burning method

Professional burn methods:

We first need to burn sound software, CD-ROM and is ready related, so the burn process can begin. If you can find the full frequency pink noise scanning CD tracks is better, however, if it is not, then you need to download frequency generator on a computer, such frequency sounder can manually set the frequency range, sweep time, and you can choose sound kind waveform is a square wave, sine or triangle wave, etc. In short, audible frequency range between natural to ensure 20Hz ~ 20KHz, when a full frequency scan, you need as much as possible to extend the full range of scanning cycle, it is recommended channel scan to set the time at least 30-40 seconds seconds. If you are using a full-range scan after CD is the best disc into the CD, select a track, and repeats this track, if there is no repeat function, it would need to repeatedly press Repeat to repeat the replay, the general total volume adjustment knob is adjusted to between 40% and 60%, taking into account the sensitivity of each person's ear received spectrum is different, it is recommended that a sense of volume to the human ear for optimum comfort prevail, not too big nor too small, Such are unfavorable. For security, headphones or stereo, can play first before the highest and the lowest frequency point to hear the speaker or headphones sound whether the situation has overburdened sound, in order to avoid damage to the generating device, it can be carried out after confirmation.

Dear user, for your product safety, MG tuners Warning: The above are more specialized burn scanning the spectrum of knowledge, only a small number of people for ultra-use, no professional knowledge never use the method described above. For there is no professional knowledge of user operation of the above steps a little careless, you will be on your headphones or audio hardware with a fatal outcome no repair.

Tuner proposal burn methods:

MG tuners are not respected deliberately burn theory and professional burn method, MG tuners are more respected non-professional users to listen to burn natural law, because the music is often non-professional users are multi-style multi-type, so naturally listen pot machine method is a more appropriate way. Listen to burn natural law refers to the hand after the new headset volume was maintained at 60% or less than 30% slowly listening to it (specific level matching to the human ear in a quiet or noisy environments to select the best comfort hearing date) In this natural environment for listening to audio through headphones or a month or so we will be able to hone equipment to achieve a better state of the. Listen to burn natural law also allow headphones or audio hardware down in a safe state of optimal burn, so not only will not damage your device's hardware, but also to extend the life of your device.

Combined with our habits and more friendly product experience, we recommend that you burn the following methods:

1: Within a month after the purchase to a new headset, do not use large volume, because of the large volume not only damage the headphones or audio hardware, but also reducing headphones or surround sound diaphragm life, mainly in large volume Under the circumstances, the inner wall of the chamber air pressure to push each other to produce a huge sound, driven by tremendous air pressure can cause the diaphragm surround stereo headphones or play fast "expansion", diaphragm fold ring after a long period of "expansion "After that, will become loose inelastic, and loose diaphragm surround sound after the change will make no sense of hierarchy, and there is no elasticity at all, the overall sound performance will be very loose, a number of investigations by the MG company , many non-professional user is so bad pot headset.

2: MG tuners are respected while not deliberately go professional burn music, in fact, most users listen to music tracks and styles are diverse, we need such a diverse personality genre, so just need to find some good audio plus natural to listen to it, because we need some more great music to complete our burn this tedious process. MG tuner source is recommended: WAV APE FIAC and other formats.

3: Comparison of scientific music long and normal daily burn Method is 60 + 60 + 240 mode. The so-called 60 + 60 + 240 model is a daily volume of 60% in the case, listen to 60 minutes. Let the ears rest after 240 minutes. Only such a model can be human eardrum damage to a minimum. Sound is not produced to the eardrum damage the culprit, but the sound transmission of the sound waves is harm to human eardrum culprit. Weather wearing headphones at high volume for a long time to produce damage eardrum state as follows:

Tinnitus inattentive easy irritability hearing loss or permanent injury which is a large volume long-weather wear headphones listening to music in the main presenting symptoms. If you are not burn, MG tuner recommend you headphone or audio stop working one hour to perform one hour of frequency, the operating frequency of the way so the maximum time shall more than four hours in the case of wear.

Tuner for your personal health, a serious warning: Because the headset is worn on the ear (internal), in such an environment will ear is at a relatively high pressure semi-enclosed vacuum state, came the voice inside the headset Sonic human eardrum distance from very close, prolonged listening at high volume will produce human eardrum hearing decrease (maximum human comfort tolerance limit of the ears 75 db).

Burn errors:

MG company statistics, SRS Sound Company Surveys have shown that many non-professional users think is to burn low-quality headphones or stereo through headphones or burn process so that there is high-quality audio performance, as well as the nature of the change in style, so The understanding is completely wrong. Many poor quality headphones or audio hardware itself on the poor, so even after the burn through, in fact, the sound is almost no improvement in performance. There burn for high-quality stereo headset or just to improve the sound, but the sound overall style is still the same, even after not burn sound style has changed, but the details will improve the sound after burn. Because the burn process just makes the original high-quality headphones or audio from an unstable state to accelerate the stabilization process. I do not know you are not through MG "mentor" is correct after you've explained some of the misconceptions burn it?

Summary: burning machine for high-quality headphones or just to improve the sound, but the sound will not change the overall style, but details will improve the sound after burn. Like Jetta engine, you do not expect it to run - BMW engines.

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