The new gaming headset -- G3

This is a game earphone -G3, which has been launched on Amazon recently. The whole body uses black and blue series, and the earphone uses LED light, which is cool and low-key. Adults can be used to play games, daily office, online meetings, children can be used to online classes, English listening learning, etc., is a suitable headset for both adults and children. With 3.5mm port and USB port, it is suitable for laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones and game consoles such as PS4. The built-in microphone makes it easy to communicate with teachers, classmates, colleagues, leaders, friends and family.

[True stereo sound experience] The G3PS4 headphones offer excellent 40mm audio drivers combined with advanced audio technology. It provides high-quality analog surround sound that makes his gaming experience even more intense. With responsive audio drivers, you can better hear the direction and distance of sounds such as pitched battles, opponents' footsteps, cars, and scene indicators.

[Noise cancellation and Sensitive Microphone for live clear chat] Our Olyre G3 headphones feature a sensitive adjustable microphone with noise cancellation technology. Gaming headphone microphones can reduce most ambient noise and allow live chat without any delay.

This G3 gaming headset has an ergonomically optimized design. Padded headband, soft ear pads and individually adjustable micro head ensure you have greater comfort. Even after hours of intensive use, faux leather pads and headbands fit comfortably without injury.

The G3 stereo surround sound is similar to 7.1 channel gaming headphones. This design helps you easily identify enemy positions and avoid surprise attacks. We have high quality copper wire A, and in order to reduce transmission delay and distortion, we have optimized the sound insulation design of the earmuffs to reduce the interference of external noise on the subtle footsteps of the enemy. It allows us to fight in the real world without being distracted by external factors. This applies to classes, games, and online meetings.

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