The importance knowledge of cargo transportation

Today, our company invited a senior logistics forwarder named SHUNYUNFENG, Mr. Wang and Miss Ye come to our company to train the cargo transportation knowledge.



The focus has given us training on the mode of transport, terms of shipment, and how to calculate the transportation price of the goods (by volume or the actual weight of the goods) and so on.


Transportation: express, air, sea, Land transportation.

Transport terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU, DDP, etc.


How to calculate the transportation price for the goods (by volume weight or actual weight of goods): Express delivery, air transportation and land transportation are generally based on the big one (between weight of the cargo volume and the actual gross weight). The shipping volume is calculated based on the size of the cargo.


It also gave us training on customs duties in various countries, and how to save customers more freight to improve our rate, and how to better serve our customers and so on. . .


Although the time is relatively short, but we learned a lot, thank Shun Yunfeng logistics company for sharing, thank you!

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