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The benefits of headphones

With the popularity of tablets, MP4 and music phones, we have become accustomed to using headphones.

Headphones are usually divided into three types: head-mounted, on-ear and in-ear, with the headset being the one that causes the least damage to the ear.  Compared with the in-ear type and in-ear type, the head-mounted type does not have the advantages of being small and portable, but it has very good sound effects. Most importantly, since the in-ear type is not worn, it will almost not cause damage to the ear canal and eardrum. By contrast, the in-ear type and in-ear type, although the sound effects are realistic, will cause damage to the eardrum under long-term high concussion.  In-ear plug often used can also become a hotbed for bacterial growth, which is easy to make the corneous layer of the external auditory canal swell and block the hair follicle, resulting in long-term chronic congestion, and stimulate the excessive secretion of cerumen gland, making the ear wax more and more, forming embolism, resulting in tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness and other symptoms.

Children's headphones, headphones on the head

(Linx is designed for children, the maximum volume can be limited to 85dB cat ear children's earphone, divided into wireless Bluetooth and 3.5mm wired plug two models, currently sold on 1688, Amazon and other websites, retail or wholesale)

In order to avoid the harm of headphones to the human body, pay attention to wearing: do not turn on the volume of headphones too large, when using headphones should pay attention to control the volume, it is best to keep 40-60 decibels (general conversation sound or slightly lower), in order to feel comfortable and pleasing;  Do not listen to it continuously for a long time. Adults should use headphones no more than 3-4 hours a day and listen intermittently. It is best to rest your ears every half an hour.  Attention should be paid to keep the earplug clean, each time after using the timely cleaning;  In the bus, subway, noisy streets and other noisy environment, it is best not to wear headphones to listen to music, phone, bike riding, driving wearing headphones is easy to distract, not to wear headphones.  In addition, in the selection of headphones, should choose good sound quality, low noise, volume can be free and flexible regulation, once the sound is too large and other circumstances can be adjusted in time to protect hearing.Cat earphone, Bluetooth earphone, headset

(Linx patent product, cat ear Bluetooth headset, including pink, green, purple, blue and other colors, in addition to this earphone and earmuff light up, there is a bluetooth headset only ear light up, less expensive.  In addition, we also have a rechargeable cat earphone with both earmuffs and a button battery cat earphone with only ears glowing.  These products are sold at 1688 Shenzhen Linxin Technology Co., Ltd. and Amazon Olyre store. In addition to the headset, there are in-ear, ear-hanging, aviation headphones, headband sleep headphones, plush headphones and many more types to meet your multiple needs and users of different ages.  Our products can be retail wholesale can be customized, interested to contact us quickly!)

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