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Table of headset parameters

Frequency response: Refers to the range of frequencies that the headset can represent. The typical value is 20-20,000 Hz(bass to treble), while 12-39,000 Hz means that the headset can represent more audio detail and sound "more authentic";  30-17,000 Hz means that the headphones can't pick up details below 30Hz, making the bass sound "heavy" and similar for the treble.  

frequency response

Impedance: The impedance of the earphone is short for AC impedance. The lower the impedance, the easier it is to make sound and drive the earphone.  The larger the impedance is, the larger the output power of the sound source is required.  In the desktop or power amplifier, VCD, DVD TV and other headphone jack output machine, the general use of high impedance headphone is more appropriate, of course, there is no doubt that the higher impedance headphone with large output power sound source sound effect is quite good.  If you are using low resistance headphones, be sure to turn the volume down before inserting them to avoid overloading, burning or misplacing the voice coil.  Low-impedance headphones are generally easier to push, so portable, power-saving machines such as walkmen and MP3 players should opt for low-impedance headphones. 


Total harmonic distortion: indicates the sound quality of the earphone is smooth, clear and fidelity. The average earphone is about 0.7%. The smaller the value, the better. 

THD (total harmonic distortion)


Sensitivity: The higher this value, the greater the sound at the same output power of the audio source;  The sensitivity of walkman earphones is higher than that of monitor earphones, around 110dB, so for walkman earphones, the higher the value, the better.  


Connection: the high-grade walkman earphone attaches great importance to the wire, different wire has a greater impact on sound quality;  Another important issue is the length of the cord. When you're shopping, you need to fully estimate the length that works for you. If you're going to always wear your MP3 player around your neck or in your jacket pocket, go for a short cord, and if you're going to wear it in your bag or pants pocket, go for a long cord.  

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