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Sport headphone Sleep headphone Head band type headphone

This is a wonderful subverts the traditional headphones.It looks like a head band type,made of soft cloth,custom headphone cable and microphone are cleverly hided a circle fabric.this model is very fit for sleeping,

allows you to revoke ordinary headphones bring sharp, hard, outside convex, extruding ear problems, such as his soft fabric and the shape of a ring, when you are wearing it lie on the bed, almost can't feel its existence, the ear of music seemed to fall from heaven.


Function and Feature

1.Using a variety of  situations: the biggest innovation is that this is a very suitable for sleep headphones to listen to music, even if you wear a night, there will be no ear pain or leave a mark. Of course, want to listen to music while running, cycling, this is your first choice headphones;

2.Can be washed: don't forget to its main part is made of high-grade soft cloth, when you think it is necessary, can put the microphone and headphones cable down, will be a good cleaning cloth, if add some spices in the water, then easy to go to sleep with favorite flowers.

3.A multi-purpose content: not only is a headphone, it can also be used as eye mask, let you fall asleep faster; Of course, it also has alarm clock function, It is not a good product,which let you overslept ;

4.Let you sleep more soundly: cooperate with light music use for a long time, can significantly improve the quality of your sleep, at the same time also can help you to stop snoring.

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