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Some tips for how to protect the headset wire in Winter

During the winter,wire of headset is more fragile, now a lot of wire is still made of the traditional rubber material, we should pay more attention to this part of the headset wire which preheating is easy to melt, cool becomes very fragile , let us follow below tips the maintenance of what we should pay attention to it!

1.The part of Headset wire must be far away from the sweat,which has the corrosion effect on the wire, Though the weather is gradually turning cold , but l there still will be sweat after sport, etc, it is important to note that at this time if the sweat on the wire should be wiped timely, do not give them chance to hurt our fragile wire!

2.In winter,if headset wire long time expose in cold environment, will let the headset wire very fragile, at this time if you also take up headset wire in circles several times as usual , then easy to cause damage to the wire.

3.Pls note the problem that when we take up wire ,pls not use tough way to fold the earphone wire or cause the headset wire surface cracking, some damage to internal wire,ect. Lead to bad effect to headset.

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