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Several common several kinds of bluetooth headphones brand on the market

With Bluetooth technology of development, and universal of, especially application in mobile phone of technology has quite mature, Bluetooth headphones has gradually was people by used, but its price relative general mass, also is compared your of, and on the market the brand Bluetooth headphones competition is fierce, to this a, brand Bluetooth headphones of promotion caused has must of obstacles, following introduced several on the market common of of several Bluetooth headphones brand.

bluetooth head set

1. SONY ERISSION mobile multimedia consumer products manufacturer in the world, the company's products include a variety of feature-rich mobile phones and accessories, PC cards and M2M solution. These products combine advanced technology with innovative applications, mobile imaging, communications and entertainment. Sony Ericsson to become an attractive brand, can create abundant business opportunities for mobile operator customers and create ideal and interesting products for the end user. Company has launched several blue tooth headset, such as HBH-6XX HBH-3XX and other fashion products, fashion modeling is novel, was welcomed by the consumers.

2. MOTOROLA Motorola was founded in 1928Years, is one of the world's top wealth enterprises, is the world leader in the communications industry. To provide seamless mobile communication products and solutions. Business scope covers areas such as broadband communications, embedded systems and wireless networks, whether at home, in the car, in the Office or any other place, seamless mobile communication you linked to would like to contact people, things and information. Seamless mobile communication to maximize the power of technology, communications to become smarter, faster, smarter, and cheaper. This year, in the blue tooth headset has introduced new products, intends to seize the Chinese market blue tooth headset.

3. NOKIA Nokia is the global leader in mobile communications, promote continuous development of the broader mobility industry. Nokia is committed to providing ease of use and innovation of products, including mobile phone, imaging, games, media, as well as solutions for mobile network operators and enterprise customers, so as to enrich people's lives, and improve its efficiency. Also eyeing Nokia blue tooth headset, innovative, user-friendly products are well received by the market like.

4. V3 from Singapore of V3, the Asia-Pacific region one of the most popular brand of Bluetooth.Its products in the Asia-Pacific region such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia, and Indonesia, Taiwan, and India, sales of Philippines is champion. In 2004, the V3, the company formally entered the Chinese mainland market and achieve extraordinary results, have set up branch offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai. V3 clients include: GSM operators, mobile phone stores and Nokia, Dopod and other famous mobile phone manufacturer. As the region's famous brand of Bluetooth V3 Bluetooth headsets in terms of product or packaging design, using technologies and products occupy a leading position in the market. From the delicate outer box has let people feel the charm of the brand, and in fashion design technology, advanced technology to create the next, V3 Bluetooth headset's unique good taste is pushed to the extreme. £ Professional Bluetooth V3 Bluetooth headset has a leading product development and manufacturing center, its new BTH-4 Bluetooth headset, went beyond traditional design, small and chic, was awarded the 2004 European Bluetooth design competition Award for best appearance.

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