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Related Terms of Headphone Sound Quality-Part III

As a headphones consumer who is focus on sound quality, you may encountered such a problem of describing sound quality or tone, which is such a subjective and abstract concept, during the process of purchasing or sharing the experience of using headphones.

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Imaging and the sense of form

As the name implies, imaging is the ability to condense a disembodied audio or video into a solid form. In other words, it is the ability to bring out the form of the human voice or the sound of an instrument. Audio equipment with good image power will make the sound more floating and three-dimensional.

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The music's subtle changes can be clearly expressed, both at low levels and at high levels, and the combined low and high level resolution is what we call resolving power. Overall balance: This is mainly about the appropriate volume distribution between the high, mid and low frequency bands. A reasonable amount of high, mid and low frequencies is the overall balance, so that listening to music you can feel that the music is soft but strong, bright, cheerful and layered, clear, integrated and three-dimensional. If the audio material youre testing provide a strong sense of presence, then good audio equipment as will reflect it as a whole .

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Rosin sense

Rosin sense: generally used for string music, commonly described as "pine scented". In reality, it is a higher pitch (higher frequency), lower loudness, burriness but pleasant sounding tone.


Elasticity often used in the evaluation of low frequencies, more abstract, with strength, fullness and a sense of being pleasant.

Cool or Warm Tone

Both of the cooler or warmer tone provide a pleasing hearing experience. The diaparity between them is the cooler tones are clear, powerful and may even sound slightly bristly, while the warmer tones are bright, rounded and less full-bodied.

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