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Popular science ▏Tips for using headphones correctly

According to a survey published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, about 20 percent of teens have hearing loss, and they are more likely to experience hearing loss after age 40, 20 years earlier than normal. Experts believe that improper use of headphones is one of the important reasons for hearing loss.

So, for those of us who wear headphones every day, how can we avoid these sound damage?

1. The volume has a standard .

Listening to headphones at high volume of extended periods of time not only damages your hearing , but also shortens the life of the headphones . Experts recommend that when using headphones in a noisy environment , 75% to 80% of the volume is the maximum volume your ears can adapt to . When the environment is not too noisy , it is best to control the volume of 50%~60 .

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2 . Choose "head-mounted Headphones" to listen to music often

The earphone is placed on the ear, and the contact area with the ear is relatively large. In addition to transmitting sound through the air, sound can also travel through the skull. Therefore, at the same volume level, there is less pressure on the eardrum. In some cases, the stimulation of the cochlear ciliary cells will be relatively small.


3 .Choose professional sports headphones when exercising

When exercising , it is best to choose Bluetooth headphones or professional sports headphones . Bluetooth earphones is not bound by cables , and professional sports earphones fit better and are not easy to fall off . Moreover , the waterproof and sweat proof function can ensure the durability of the earphone , and the excellent antibacterial performance can also prolong the service life of the earphone in high temperature and high humidity environment.

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4. Choose In-Ear Headphones in a noisy environment

Under the same environmental conditions , the sound insulation of on-ear headphones are 5~8 decibels , the sound insulation of over-ear headphones are 15 decibels , and the sound insulation of in-ear headphones are 20 decibels . To listen to music in loud public spaces , you need headphones with better noise isolation to reduce the required volume to protect your hearing health.In-ear headphones, wired headphones

Good headphones for healthy use

Don't use earphones for a long time , you need to rest for a while after listening to music for 1-2 hours .

Try to control the volume of the in-ear headphones not to be too high , and pay attention to the cleaning of the ear pads of the headphones .

Each set of in-ear headphones generally has several spare earplugs of different sizes , choose a pair of spare earplugs that suits you best .

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