OLYRE Professional Kids Headphones

On the premise of ensuring safety, high-quality sound performance is also a must. OLYRE series professional children's earphones used automatic volume reduction technology to protect children's hearing, limit the maximum volume to 85 decibels, and the sound volume are just right. Even when the parents are not around, they can control the volume independently, giving the child the safest protection and reducing the worries of the parents. Using professional technology to automatically delete complex sound effects, the low sound pressure levelled to provides clear, pure and noise-free sound, which sounds very comfortable, allowing children to hear sounds closer to nature, and automatically limits the volume of tuning within a safe range.

Kids Headphones,Olyre

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that headphones used by teenagers should be controlled within 85 decibels.

A good children's headset, wearing comfort is the most important, according to the ergonomic design, using high-demand, comfortable and environmentally friendly materials, can fit the heads of children of different ages, meet the growth needs of children aged 5-18, and perfectly accompany children growth.

Especially for children's characteristics, it adopts no fuel injection process, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, and cares for the healthy growth of children.kids headphones,Olyre

Built-in colorful glare, fun and colorful lighting mode, let the speaker shine with colorful and dreamy light and shadow with the rhythm of music, rich colors give children more imagination and rich visual experience.

OLYRE Children's Headphones are a gift that children can't put down.kids headphones,Olyre

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