Newest TWS Headset

Recently, Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd has launched a new high-end TWS headset named LX-TS10. Now, please follow my footsteps to learn more about it.

From the appearance, we can see this smart mini TWS headset has LED digital power display function. So you can know the real status of the battery life clearly at any time. Its bottom is with lightning interface so as to optimize charging speed. 6 colors for your choice: black, white, pink, green, blue, purple.

From the function, LX-TS10 uses the latest 5.1 bluetooth chip, which has fast connection speed, longer connection distance, stronger signal, low power consumption, long standby time, and stable communication. It supports automatic connection back function and automatic power off without operation. It also support Siri, low battery voice prompt, as well as automatic power off to protect battery and extend battery life.

This smart Bluetooth headset supports HD, HIFI Bluetooth calls and voice prompts (such as power on, off, pairing, Bluetooth is connected, Bluetooth is disconnected). It uses true copper ring composite membrane speaker. You can enjoy strong and powerful bass as well as full rhythm. Meanwhile, it supports third-party players and QQ/WeChat voice chat.

This headset is currently in mass production, and we have successively received orders from abroad. Welcome your further consultation.

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