New Arrival Test Instruments Will Make Headphone Quality Improve To a New Level

For music lovers, you may meet some confusions for your headphones as below in your life:

1. when you use an earphone or headphone, some days later you will find the cable break.

2. some months later, the metal parts of your audio headphone rusted.

3. the plug of cable damaged.

4. the headband is not strong enough, it will break when you open it with a bigger angle.

Shenzhen Linx Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional headphone manufacturer since 2008 and our aim is to pursue better quality headphones to present to our customers. In order to improve and guarantee the quality, we equipped some new advanced test instruments to test our products regularly, use the test results, we can analyze the datas and take the correction ways, with these instruments, the headphones quality will improve to a new level. Stereo headphone from Shenzhen Linx Technology Co.,Ltd, more nice quality, more better life !

Plugs tester

Plugs tester

Test the plugs by insert and remove it several times

 to check the quality whether can meet the standard.

Torsion Tester

Fixing the headband on it and twist the headband by different angles , assigned times and hours to check its quality.

Cable strain relief test

Cable strain relief test machine

Add weight on the cable to test its tension.

salt spray chamber/machine

Salt spray chamber/machine

Spray salt water on headphone surface to simulate serious environment which cause the rust, by the test result, we can know our product very well and improve the anti-rust performance accordingly. 

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