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Music pillow adjustable horn

Today to recommend a music pillow adjustable speaker, it can be placed in many places, whether it is suitable for adults and children, and many functions !  

Music pillow adjustable horn

Performance description: Sleep head, particle neck pillow, pillow, car cushion, U-shaped pillow, tofu pillow, plush toy, hat, scarf, wrist protector, etc  


Horn advantages and features: automatic adjustment, fixed point accurate, easy to use, own charging, intelligent induction, endurance  

Music pillow adjustable horn: audio adjustment, free adjustment, wide applicability, material for ABS  


Product details  

Private mold development, to meet the needs of users around the world, and contribute to industrial development and technological progress.  


1.Low voltage power supply  

Can be set up a number of motor vibration massage, low voltage power supply is safe to use.  


2.Audio adjustment  

Roller adjustment, convenient and fast, carrying mode adjustment.  Audio adjustment

3.Standard wire  

Convenient and fast, plug and play.  


4.Comfortable sound quality  

Excellent material, easy to use, excellent performance.  


5.Customized according to demand  

Specific massage intensity, the mode of each link can be designed according to customer requirements. 

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