Korea and French Customers Visited Headphone Manufacturer- LINX

On June 3rd, 2016, two Foreign friends visited Shenzhen Linx Technology Co. Ltd, the headphone manufacturer. Among them, one is from South Korea and another is France. They come together to check headphone samples of LINX and they stayed only for a short time of 2 days. Mr Tony and Miss Olivia, CEO of Shenzhen Linx headphone factory and sales manager, warmly welcomed and treated them.

headphone sample room

Miss Olivia showed them the office, headphone samples room, headphone workshop and its assembly line, the Research and Design Center and Mold Department. These two guests highly appraised LINX’s Profession. 

headphones wholesaler

They picked up a headphone with rotating microphone and any details regarding the order were discussed. They required the headphone environmental friendly and in very good quality and it should be with testing report before shipment. As LINX can satisfy all that guests requested, the conversation went very well.

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