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Jaybirds New Featured Product - Wireless Sport Earbuds X2

Jaybird X2, as the follow-up product of the popular sport earbuds X, has been grandly released. Rene Oehlerking, the CEO of Jaybird claimed that Jaybird X2 is based on Bluebud X and has been greatly improved in every aspects. Focus on sport, Jaybird has re-designed the appearance and the sound quality is also greatly improved. The use of IgnalPlus technique makes the connection of the bluetooth earbuds more speedy and stable. The performance is better.

Jaybird X2 sport earbuds

With the unique Shift audio decoding technology, Jaybird X2 mainly pay attention to pure acoustic fidelity. And with a noise filter, Jaybird X2 can filtrate all kinds of noise.


The designs of X2, based on the first version X, maintains the idea of comfortable. A new design of spacer can make sure a better stationarity and X2 allow customer to put more sponge according to their personal preference. Specialized for exerciser,Jaybird X2 is waterproof and sweatproof, and it can sustain 8 hours.

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