Japanese Client Visited Linx Headphone Factory

On June 23rd, 2016, One of our Japanese client named Mr. Yanai visited headphone manufacturer-LINX. Sales representative Miss Elyna received Mr. Yanai warmly. Perhaps he is often doing business in Chinnes Market, Mr. Yanai speaks Chinese fluently very much. Because we are all Asians with yellow skin, black eyes and hair, most of colleagues thought that Mr. Yanai is a Chinese.

The headset sales channels  of Mr. Yanai includes hypermarkets and e-commerce platforms, he is a professional purchaser with strong business strength . The major products he purchases this time are all kinds of cloth headsets. Especially he loves plaid, denim style headsets. The main purposes of this visiting Linx were:

1. Factory evaluation 2. Select cloth headphone samples. 

After visiting all departments,from Samples room, workshop, warehouse, engineer department  to R and D department . Mr. Yanai is very satisfied with the business strength of Linx and totally believes that Linx is the best headphone manufacturer which he deserves to  establish with long time business relationship. Then Mr  Yanai tested different over headphone samples from normal sounds quality to high premium quality and discussed same detail informations of the samples he requested. He picked up over headphone LX-111 with cloth and he also took different cloths materials for us reference. 

At the end of this meeting, Miss Elyna recommended him a headphone LX-100 with composite film speaker ( high premium sounds quality), Yanai was very excited to find such high premium sounds quality headphone and finally he decided to buy this sample on the spot.Looking forward to further cooperation with Mr Yanai.

cloth headphone LX-100

For more information about the headsets manufacturer LIXN, pls visit  www.headphpnefactory.net , or pay attention to LINX officially certified micro-channel public wechat number : SZ-Linx.

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