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Is the more bass heavy headphones the sound quality better?

Many people think that the more bass heavy headphones the sound quality is better, more upscale, there are special bass headphones, audio bass sound is also high-level goods, in fact, this is a big misunderstanding.

Consideration bass sound will lose a lot of that detail, this is a problem of design tuning, but will also cause more powerful overall sound distortion. If the pursuit of bass sound, it will lose a lot of sound detail.

bass headphones

In contrast, high-fidelity headphones are retained many real sound details.

Bass-heavy headphones danger of hearing damage, prolonged listening to bass sound hearing is likely to cause harm, such as tinnitus, and even temporary hearing loss.

But the bass sound really interesting listening to a lot of people think, so if the style is like this, then you can try to lower the volume to protect your hearing.

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