In-ear earphone wearing method

Compared with ordinary earphones, in-ear earphones use soft earbuds to insert the earphones into the ear, and also provide better airtightness while wearing comfortably. The noise reduction effect is better. In-ear headphones are more suitable for the human body, and wearing them for a long time will not cause ear soreness. The following is the correct way to wear in-ear headphones.


1. First of all, we must choose the correct size of silicone earbuds before wearing in-ear headphones, this is very important for our wearing comfort, generally when buying headphones will give a few different sizes of earbuds, we can find in it A good fit for your own installation.


2. Secondly, we must confirm the right and left of the headset before we wear it. Generally we will mark L and R on the headset. L stands for the left and R stands for the right. We can wear it in this order.


3. The general in-ear headphones' pronunciation units are relatively small, and they can achieve very good sound effects without using the power amplifier of the headphones. Everyone can perform listening with higher quality music.

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