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How to use headphones correctly in order to protect hearing

Contemporary, young people's hearing loss and ear disease is increasing, whether use headphones to listen to music caused the fall of young people hearing? Indeed it is indisputable, does that mean that we should be forbidden to use headphones to listen to music?indeed it is impossible.

use headphones correctly

So how to solve this problem?There are some suggetions regarding to use headphones correctly.

1. To use headset instead of earphone or earbud.Headset is a cover on the ear, the contact area is large, sound besides spreads through the air, also can spread through the skull, so after hearing the same volume of cases, the pressure of tympanic membrane also will be relatively small, the cochlear ciliated cell stimulation can relatively small, of course to use more secure.

2. The appropriate volume. The international security of the volume is 85dB, in the noise environment, basically any headset will not cause damage to hearing.

3. If there is no other person ( will not disturb other person), you can choose to open or half open to listen the music

4. To use brand high quality noise cancelling headphones, can better protect the hearing.

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