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How to solve the problem of losing your headphone?

We like to use our headphone or earphone to listen music when traveling or working , but sometimes unfortunately we lose it , we feel very sad for that .

bracelet headphones

Now , Ashley Chloe company brings out a new product Helix to solve this problem of being twined by headphone cable and losing our headphone . Helix looks like a specially designed bracelet for decoration , users can easily to carry it and wear it on his wrist . Actually , Helix is a headphone storage box , open the small cover on it then you can pull out the headphone to listen to music or answer you call .

Because it mainly use Bluetooth to connect , so you don’t need to download app , Helix headphone can connect with many different mobile devices . Helix can mostly connect to 8 models different devices , and can play for 3 hours continuously , during the using period it will not consume its own power .

If you don’t like the problem of cable twirling and losing your headphone , Helix maybe is a worthwhile choice . How to solve the problem of losing your headphone ? Just change it to be a bracelet.

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