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How to choose the wholesale earphones?

With the global economy, wholesaler is faced with many products models to choose. As the professional sales in LINX about earphones, I would like to give some suggestions.

Many wholesale pay much attention on the specifications of earphones when they choose earphones. This doing is not totally correct. Please look at these specifications:

Frequency Range:20H--20KHZ, this point, many earphones meets. As we know. The Frequency Range of human-being is 20H--20KHZ. So this point can be ignored. All earphones can meet this, if not, these earphones don’t work, Don’t work, who will sell them to destroy their rich future. Stupid may do it. LOL

Others like Speaker:10MM, Impedance:32ohm, Sensitivity:98dB+/-5dB S.P.L at 1KHz, Plugging:3.5mm Stereo. These are the normal. For the plug, some people will choose the 2.5mm stereo, but it is rare to happen.

Length of cable:1.2M, this is the normal length, you can choose other length, price is depends on the cable length, the longer, the higher.

wholesale earphones

And secondly, colorful models are the most element to help you get more profit.

Thus, you should choose more colors models. Look at these pictures, some impact of buying happen to you when you see it.

Thirdly, Packing of earphones also can assist you earn more money. Good packing can promote the style of your earphones.

Just image it, earphones with polybag and earphones with the gift box, these two style of earphones are apparently to meet different customs in different classes. Low in-come customers are happy to choose the polybag packed earphones, the high in- come ones are glad to choose the gift box earphones. Other advantages, please image and think it carefully.

Any help need, please feel free to contact helen@headphonefactory or add me whatsapp +8613714215826. Helen are waiting for you at any time you are convenient.

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