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How to choose a suitable headset for you

Wired Headphones:  

1. Choose in-ear or earplug styles  

In-ear earphones have better sound insulation effect, especially in the surrounding environment noisy place is very obvious, while earplug earphones in the sense of listening will be slightly disturbed.  But there are downsides to in-ear headphones, which can cause significant discomfort for a few people.  (the bottom left is earplug type, the right is in-ear type) which one do you prefer?

PlayGear Stealthin-ear monitor

Wireless Headset:  

2. Now wireless earphones are the trend of our earphones. Compared with wired earphones, they not only have the functions of controlling playback and other functions of wired earphones, but also are more portable than wireless earphones.  The following two models are the in-ear and head-mounted versions of wireless headphones.  Would you like to wear it on your head or in your ears?

BlueBudsBluetooth headset

3. Selecting moving ring, moving iron or ring iron  

The moving coil earphone has a broad sound range and advantages in the low-frequency part. It is more suitable for performing classical music and large compilation music.  The moving iron earphone has good performance in following the burst of music signal, and has a relatively good interpretation effect in the middle and high frequency, which is more suitable for pop music and rock music.  And the ring iron earphone combines their respective advantages, the comprehensive performance is relatively good, but the price aspect you understand.

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