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How to choose a gaming headset?

In fact, if you want to buy a good headset, there is no saying which is the best or the worst, only whether it is suitable for you, so you can first look at the following points:

1. Do you want wired headphones or wireless? For wired and wireless, practicality, comfort and other disputes have been around for a long time, we only talk about their differences and functionality here. Generally speaking, many players prefer wired headphones. For example, Internet cafes that focus on customer experience choose wired headphones. The advantages of wired earphones are that they do not need to be charged, and they are plug-and-play and do not require cumbersome identification and pairing. Isn't this fragrant? The wireless headset needs to be charged, the battery life is limited, and it needs to be identified and paired when using it, which is a hassle for players who like wired headsets! For players who like wireless headphones, it is convenient. After all, if you want to pick up something, you dont need to linger around the power cord. You can just get up and leave. You can also listen to songs when you go out, which looks more beautiful.

gaming headset

2. Comfort. For people who play games for a long time, or professional players, the headset may accompany them for up to 7 or 8 hours a day, or even higher, so the choice of headset needs to be comfortable, and try not to touch the ear and skull. There is too much pressure in such places to avoid the risk of poor blood flow and other diseases. The material of the earmuffs is also very important. Generally speaking, goose down or mesh fabric earmuffs will cause less sweating and the like in summer or in a hot and humid environment.

3. The bass effect is more important. especially when playing FPS games. Is footstep sound something we often pay attention to? This is all related to it.gaming headset

How to choose a gaming headset? I think it is very important to first see what game you are playing, are you playing LOL, or are you playing FPS games? Or play a strategy game, or play other developed games? If it is like strategy games, LOL, and development games, then I think comfort, sound quality, and bass effects are more important. After all, games like strategy games and LOL will have a long game. Wearing headphones for a long time is actually It is also a big burden on the ears. If you don't pay attention to this piece and choose carefully, it may damage your ears.

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