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How to choose a Bluetooth headphone?

How to choose an apt good Bluetooth headphones? Do not be that blind to determine just by price. It will be a waste of money and frustration of mood after getting an improper Bluetooth headphone. So I wish to give some guidance to fellows.

bluetooth headphones

First, check the compatibility

Though, many Bluetooth headset instructed that, it’s capable to work with all smart-phones with bluetooth function, some older version Bluetooth headset occurs the incompatibility on some phones, and so does some irregular Bluetooth headset that turned out from small factory with small brands or no brand. So, make sure having tested the Bluetooth headset with your mobile phone before getting it.

Second, select the good outlook.

It’s important to try on when purchase. As you know, at the first glance you may have a good expression over, but if it does not match your face, or it wears uncomfortably in the ear. What a bad luck!

Third, Pay attention to the communication distance

At present, the Bluetooth technology has come to its version 4, which means a 100-meter valid communication distance and less than 3 second transferring speed. Comparatively, the older versions support just 10 meters communication, plus, the practical sound gets unsteady even at 7 meters. There are still many 2.0 and 3.0 version headphones on the market, therefore, do pay attention to procurement.

Fourth, Sound quality and standby time

Sound quality and standby time are also important to a Bluetooth headset. Sound quality influents not only music play but also talk. So, critical customer should check the communication speed, and inspect if headphone is configurated with noise cancelling function as on mobile phone to ensure clear nice voice. The built-in battery capacity influents the standby time, and 4.0 version has a longer stand time as lower power consumption. For the older version headphones, a big capacity battery is important.

Choose the good IC

Because IC is a very important element, people are not alien to it. They are mainly two companies that dominate the Bluetooth IC market: CSR of UK, and Zeevo of USA (which was purchased by Broadcom USA). Nowadays the common in the industry is CSR UK’s IC at approx 80% of the market, featured by small compact size and good noise cancelling.

Enjoying your time!

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