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High Quality Metal Earphone LX-M010

LX-M010 is a metal earphone with superior quality. The earphone shell, microphone and the head of plug are all metallic. The use of TPE, the gold-electroplated plug, and the white design make the earphone look and feel great.

metal earphone

This earphone is equipped with a good speaker. With the metal part, the earphone has a super bass sound, which gives the wearer a fantastic experience of sound. What’s more, the microphone is volume controllable, which make it convenient to control the earphone. It can not only used for mobiles, but also workable for computer and ipad. Customized logo is also available in this earphone.

Although it’s metallic and it’s heavier than plastic earphones or earphones in other materials, it is comfortable to wear. This earphone won’t lose even when it is compared with branded earphones.

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