Headphones Manufacturer Passed WCA Audit Successfully

WCA is the acronym of Workplace Conditions Assessment.

The WCA audit is a social responsibility (also called a human rights audit). The WCA audit standard adjusts the GSCP standards adopted by large retail organizations. Based on Intertek's deep experience in social responsibility compliance services, WCA has become a powerful tool to help companies implement supplier factory assessments, benchmarks, and continuous improvement.

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The Workplace Condition Assessment Program consists of the following five modules: Labor, Working Hours and Wages, Health and Environment, Management Systems, and the Environment. Many brands and multinational buyers have a requirement for inspection before they cooperate. The WCA audit is also a very common one.

Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional Bluetooth headset factory, has been engaged in the earphone production industry for many years. Serving customers of kinds of scales in different industries. So far, it has passed the BSCI Audit, the Target Audit, and various certifications of the ISO series. Qualifications basically meet the requirements of most national buyers.

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In order to undertake an order of bluetooth headphone for an important customer, the bluetooth headset factory has successfully passed the WCA audit. The audit score is as high as 88-98 points (the specific score must be confirmed by the certificate). It is necessary to know that the factory can only obtain the WCA certificate if the score is above 85 points and there is no major non-conformity; the score is divided into 71-84 but there is no certificate, which is accepted by the general customer, depending on the customer's request; 71 Divided into no pass, no certificate.

What is more worth mentioning is that in many factories in Shenzhen, under the pressure of environmental protection, fire protection, safety and cost, they began to move out of Shenzhen and moved to relatively remote places such as Dongguan and Huizhou. Shenzhen Linx Technology not only firmly established in Shenzhen, but also continuously integrated resources and invested in the construction of a dust-free workshop for headphones production. With stricter requirements for us, we will serve our customers with better service! Shenzhen Linx Technology undertakes OEM orders for headsets and Bluetooth speakers. Welcome to contact headset factory online customer service.

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